AppFireworks provides the solutions that app developers need all within a single, powerful platform. Here are some examples of AppFireworks in action:
Powerful Analytics

Situation: A game developer is advertising their slot machine app through multiple channels and ad networks on different cost types. The developer wants to track the effectiveness of their advertising spend evenly without the hassle of logging in to multiple different interfaces.

Solution: AppFireworks provides a unified tracking and reporting system, allowing developers to identify which marketing channels deliver the highest number of installs and which channels are underperforming, all from a single interface.

Result: The developer can focus marketing spending on ad networks which are delivering the highest number of installs and stop spending on ad networks which are underperforming.

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Powerful Analytics

Situation: A game developer created a free role playing app and earns revenue from In-App Purchases. To earn more from the app, the developer wants to focus on attracting the type of users that will buy In-App Purchases.

Solution: AppFireworks provides lifetime value and revenue reports to identify how much users are spending on in-app purchases and which marketing channel was responsible for the install, therefore identifying high value channels.

Result: The developer can identify the marketing channel with the highest value users, which are buying the most In-App Purchases and target marketing spend to this channel to attract more, high value users.

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Powerful Analytics

Situation: A game developer of a Tic Tac Toe app notices that most users complete beginner levels in the app, but most do not progress to the intermediate stage. The developer wants to increase user engagement and increase the number of users progressing further in the app.

Solution: AppFireworks provides customizable analytic tracking, allowing developers to track and monitor any type of user action within an app to follow usage trends and identify issues in the app flow.

Result: The developer can monitor level progression and level attempts to identify specific drop off points in the app. Depending on user behavior, these drop off points can be improved by reducing the difficulty, adding hints or changing the app flow altogether.

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Powerful Analytics

Situation: A developer with a gaming app regularly checks the marketplace rankings and charts to monitor how their app is ranking compared to other apps. The developer is looking for an easier way to check this information on a daily basis.

Solution: AppFireworks provides real-time marketplace ranking data about all apps currently in the charts and the advanced filtering techniques allow developers to drill down comparisons to view similar apps only.

Result: The developer can monitor and compare their app’s ranking in the charts easily and can identify similar apps automatically for relevant comparisons, giving them more time to focus on maintaining their app.

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Compatible with over 50 networks including:

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