AppFireworks was founded in 2012 to bring bring a comprehensive and streamlined app analytics capability to the industry. We identified a gap when we noticed deficiencies in this area with many mobile ad networks. We witnessed the many challenges that app marketers face while trying to track activity within their app and translate complex data into meaningful, actionable insights. We were convinced there was a need beyond what already existed and built out AppFireworks. With its advanced suite of tools and features, AppFireworks now offers mobile app developers and marketers the edge needed to make better business decisions.

AppFireworks is a sophisticated all-in-one solution for app analytics, install tracking and lifetime value analysis for mobile apps. The AppFireworks team is dedicated to providing powerful analytics tools and we are determined to create the best all-in-one platform for our app developers.

A growing nuber of app developers are utilizing the power of AppFireworks to monitor user engagement, track marketing performance and identify sources of high value users. We have partnered with over 50 ad networks (and counting!) to make our service compatible with all of our app developer’s marketing channels.

Harness the power of AppFireworks and increase the lifetime value of your users. Get started today!

Compatible with over 50 networks including:

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